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As a specialist in the field of route distribution, Rocktrans has been servicing the diverse needs of Coca-Cola for the past 20 years. With intimate knowledge of North Queensland, Rocktrans can provide customers, such as Coca-Cola, with unmatched access to important centres across North Queensland.

Rocktrans’ expert knowledge of rail forwarding operations has also presented us with the opportunity to assist other market leaders such as Toll Group and Queensland Rail. With depots across Far North Queensland, we are able to transfer freight from rail to road and then provide transport to outlets and retailers.

With a proven and effective method of produce transportation, Rocktrans is able to efficiently transfer goods to rail for delivery to seaports or major domestic markets. Logistics of this type are undertaken to assist Costa’s and QRX with the transportation of fresh produce.

Through the use of specialist equipment, Rocktrans are also capable of collecting produce in bulk and then providing transportation solutions to designated locations.

Other logistical solutions are also available to our customers, including road and rail freight forwarding, where goods are delivered to Rocktrans by linehaul vehicles for warehousing, before being forwarded by Rocktrans’ reliable fleet.

With almost 30 years experience, Rocktrans can also assist with a diverse range of general transport requirements, including courier work. Our commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure that your transport and distribution needs are both cost and time effective.

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